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How to Add a Sub User to the Game Panel


Adding a subuser in the Game Panel allows you to grant access to others while retaining control over your gaming server. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of adding a subuser efficiently.


Access the Game Panel:
- Open your web browser and navigate to the Game Panel

Navigate to User Management:
- Once logged in, locate and click on the Configuration then on Users.

Users GamePanel

Enter Subuser Details:
- Email: Provide the email address associated with the subuser's account.
- Permissions: Define the level of access and permissions for the subuser. This can include managing servers, installing mods, or accessing specific features.

New User Email

Set Permissions:
- Review the available permissions settings and select the appropriate level of access for the subuser.
- Ensure that you grant only the necessary permissions to maintain security and control over your gaming server.

Save Changes:
- After entering the subuser details and setting permissions, look for the Invite User button.
- Click on this button to save the changes and add the subuser to your Game Panel.

Invite User

- Once the subuser has been successfully added, the person should receive a confirmation message with details to login.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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