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How to Configure Schedules (Cron Jobs) in the Game Panel


Configuring schedules, or cron jobs, in the GamePanel is a game-changer. These automated tasks streamline operations, ensuring peak performance with minimal manual effort.

Access the Game Panel:
- Launch your preferred web browser and head to the Game Panel.
- Sign in using your credentials.

Navigate to Schedules:
- Upon logging in, locate and click on Configuration, then proceed to Schedules.
- Click to advance to the scheduling options.

Schedules Game Panel

Create a Schedule:
- Hit the Create Schedule button and provide the necessary details:
- Schedule Name: Offer a descriptive identifier for your schedule.
- Cron Expression: Input the cron expression defining the schedule's timing. If unfamiliar, utilize online tools for precise syntax.
- Enable/Disable Only When Server Is Online: Opt to execute only when the server is operational.
- Enable/Disable Schedule Enabled: Choose automatic execution if enabled.

Create a New Schedule

Explore commonly used cron jobs for inspiration:
Most Used Cron Jobs

Add a New Task:
- Click the New Task button.

Select an Action:
- Choose from options such as:
- Send Command to Console
- Send Power Action (Start/Stop/Restart)
- Create Backup
- Specify a time offset, indicating the duration after the previous task's execution before initiating this one. This doesn't apply to the first task in a schedule.
- Opt to continue future tasks even upon failure.

Task in Schedules

Finalize Task Creation:
- Click Create a New Task to solidify your scheduling arrangement.

By adhering to these steps, you effortlessly fortify your gaming server's management structure, enabling smooth collaboration and efficient operation within the Game Panel.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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