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How to Generate Your Sharing Token on the VPS Control Panel


Need to generate a sharing token in your VPS Control Panel? No worries! Here's a simple guide to create one.


Log In to Your Account:
- Visit and log in with your current credentials.

Access Account Settings:
- Once logged in, navigate to the Sharing tab. This is usually found in the top-right corner under your profile picture or account name.

Sharing Tab - VPS Control Panel

Generate a New Token:
- Press on the Generate button to create a new token.

Generate Token - VPS Control Panel

Save and Copy the Token:
- The system will generate a token, which you should then copy.

Share the Token:
- Send the token to the other user you want to share access with. They can use this token to assign you to a specific VPS service within their account.

Need Help?

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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