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How to Reinstall Your Game Server on the Game Panel


Reinstalling your game server on the Game Panel can be necessary for various reasons, whether it's to start fresh or resolve issues. This guide will walk you through the process of reinstalling your game server efficiently.


Access the Game Panel:
- Launch your preferred web browser and go to the Game Panel.

Select Your Game Server:
- Find your game server from the list displayed and click on Manage Server to access its management options.

Navigate to Files:
- Once logged in, from the dashboard select the game server and navigate to Management, then select Files.
- Please select all the files and folders and press the Recycle Bin button

Please be aware that deleting files will result in permanent data loss. Kindly ensure to back up any essential files before proceeding.

Files Tab - Game Panel

Select All Files - Game Panel

Recycle Bin - Game Panel

Access Server Settings:
- Inside the game panel, navigate to the Settings section.
- Locate and click the prominent Reinstall Server button within the settings interface.
- Kindly allow some time for the server to undergo the reinstallation process. Once completed, you'll regain access to it.

Settings Tab - Game Panel

Reinstall Server - Game Panel

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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