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How to Restore a Backup on the Game Panel


Restoring backups on your game server via the Game Panel is essential for recovering lost data or configurations. This guide will take you through the steps to restore a backup efficiently.


Access the Game Panel:
- Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Game Panel.

Select Your Game Server:
- Identify your game server from the list displayed and click on Manage Server to access its management options.

Navigate to Backups:
- After logging in, choose your game server from the dashboard, then proceed to Management and select Backups.

Backups Tab - Game Panel

Locate the Desired Backup:
- Within the Backups section, find the backup you intend to restore.

Initiate the Restore Process:
- Click on the three dots (...) located next to the backup you wish to restore.
- Press the Restore button from the options provided.

Restore Backup - Game Panel

Confirmation and Wait:
- Confirm your action to begin the restoration process.
- Wait for the backup to be fully restored; the time may vary depending on the size of the backup.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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