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How to Start/Stop/Restart your VPS on the Control Panel


Managing your Virtual Private Server (VPS) effectively is crucial for maintaining its functionality. This guide will walk you through the steps to boot, shutdown, restart, and manage your VPS within the Control Panel.


Access the Control Panel:
- Open your preferred web browser and go to the Control Panel.

Select Your VPS:
- From the dashboard, locate your VPS and click on the Manage button to access its management options.

Boot/Shutdown/Restart Options:
- Once inside the VPS management interface, you'll find the buttons located underneath the Network and Memory information.

- Boot: Clicking this button will start your VPS, initiating its operation.
- Shutdown: This button will turn off your VPS, shutting down its operations.
- Restart: Use this button to restart your VPS, refreshing its functionalities.
- Power Off: Clicking this button will power off your VPS, effectively shutting it down.
- Rebuild: (Optional) If you need to reinstall the VPS, you can use this option.

VPS Management Interface - Control Panel

Initiate Action:
- Depending on your requirement, click on the respective button to perform the desired action on your VPS.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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