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Fixing Server Thread Hitch Warnings in FiveM

Dealing with Server Thread Hitch Warnings is important for making sure your FiveM server runs smoothly and keeps players happy. This guide will help you figure out and fix these issues in an easy-to-follow way.

Spotting Server Thread Hitch Warnings

When you're checking your server, you might see warnings like these:

- Server thread hitch warning: timer interval of...
- Sync thread hitch warning: timer interval

These warnings usually mean some scripts are taking too long to load. Here's what you can do about it:

1. Check Your Server's Hardware
Make sure your server has enough CPU and RAM. Use Task Manager to see how much CPU and RAM your server is using, and make sure your CPU works well with FiveM.

2. Look Into Your Server's Scripts
Use the txAdmin server console to check your scripts and find the ones causing problems:

a. Type profiler record 500 and wait.
b. Type profiler save name to save the results.
c. Type profiler view name to see them.

This will give you a link where you can see which scripts are slow to load. Open it in Google Chrome.

3. Fix Slow Scripts
Once you know which scripts are causing issues, you can:

a. Make them load faster.
b. Turn them off in your server.cfg file or delete them.

By fixing or turning off these slow scripts, you can get rid of server thread hitch warnings and make your FiveM server work better.


Fixing server thread hitch warnings can make a big difference in how well your FiveM server runs and how much fun your players have. Just make sure your server's hardware and scripts are working well to keep the game running smoothly.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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