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How to Change Server License Key on Your FiveM Server

Guide: How to Change Server License Key on Your FiveM Server

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, designed to assist you in seamlessly setting up the keymaster license key for your FiveM server.

Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the GamePanel.

Once logged in, locate and select the Startup tab.

Startup Tab

Open a new browser tab and visit the Keymaster website.

Sign in to access the Keymaster and manage your server registrations.

Upon successful login, click on the New Server option to commence creating your server license key.

Keymaster Website

In the Display name (for your own records) field, enter a name for your server, example MY TEST SERVER.

Fill in the Initial server IP address (without port - use your public IP if home hosting) field with your server's IP address (located in the GamePanel).

From the dropdown menu labeled Server Type, select VPS.

In the Which server provider are you using? field, input FREAKHOSTING.

Once all fields are completed, click the Generate button.

Keymaster Fields

Upon generating the license, click Copy to copy the server license key to your clipboard.

Keymaster License Key

Return to the GamePanel's Startup tab and paste your server license key into the changemeplease field.

FiveM Server License Key

Now, restart your FiveM server.

Optional Step:

You may also add the license key in your server.cfg file.

Within the server.cfg file, locate the line beginning with sv_licensekey and include your server license key after it.

sv_licenseKey cfxk_1mk48qh4cFpiEhH9zFQrX_1fPNz8

Need Help?

Should you require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at: FREAKHOSTING Support.

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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