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How to Add a Password on a Counter-Strike 2 Server

Boost your CS2 server security by changing the password. This simple guide shows easy steps for better control. Let's do it!

Prepare Your New Password:
Decide on a strong and secure new password adhering to recommended security practices.

Access Server Files:
Gain access to your CS2 server files via your hosting provider's control panel or FTP. Find the "game/cfg" directory.

Locate Configuration File:
Search for the configuration file holding server password information, named "server.cfg." Create it if it doesn't exist.

Edit Server Password:
Open the configuration file using a text editor. Add or edit the line: sv_password "YOURPASSHERE" within double quotes.
Example of how server.cfg should look

Save Changes and Restart Server:
Save changes and restart your CS2 server for modifications to take effect. Use the Game Control Panel.

Verify the New Password:
After the restart, connect to your CS2 server using the new password with the command: connect IP:27015; password YOURPASSHERE.

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Updated on: 12/03/2024

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