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How to Change the Map on a Counter-Strike 2 Server

Guide: How to Change Maps on a Counter-Strike 2 Server

Embark on a swift journey to switch maps seamlessly on your CS2 server using the console. Elevate your gaming adventures with these simple steps. Let's dive in!

Preparing for Map Change:
- Before proceeding, identify the map you wish to switch to. Ensure the map file is present in your server's map directory, usually found in the "maps" folder.

Accessing Your CS2 Server Console:
- Navigate to the Console tab within your server control panel

Selecting the New Map:
- In the console, employ the following command to change the map. For instance, to transition to the "de_dust2" map:
changelevel de_dust2

Ensure to substitute "de_dust2" with the precise name of your desired map.

Change Map console command

Confirming Map Change:
- Review the console output for any error messages or confirmation of a successful map change. The server should load the specified map, and subsequent players will join the new environment.

Verifying the Map Change:
- Launch CS2 and connect to your server to ensure the map has transitioned to your desired choice.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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