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How to set the GSLT Steam Token on a Counter-Strike 2 Server

Setting your Steam GSLT (Game Server Login Token) in your CS2 (Counter Strike 2) control panel typically involves a few steps. Here's a general guide on how to do it:

Generate a GSLT Token:
- Log in to the Steam account that owns CS2.
- Visit the Steam Game Server Account Management page:
- Click on Create Token and follow the prompts. Provide the App ID of CS2 (730) and any necessary details.

Access Your Games Control Panel:
- Log in to the GamePanel.

Navigate to Startup
- In the control panel, navigate to Configuration - Startup category.

GamePanel Menu

Enter the Token:
- Copy the GSLT token you generated in step 1.
- Paste the token into the GAME SERVER LOGIN TOKEN (GSLT)

GSLT Token Gamepanel

Restart Server:
- Restart your CS2 server after you have inserted the token to be applied.

Verify Configuration:
- Once your server is restarted, verify that the GSLT token is correctly configured by checking the control panel settings again or testing the server's functionality.

Test Server Access:
- Try connecting to your CS2 server using the Steam client to ensure that the GSLT token is properly set up and that the server is accessible.

- If you encounter any issues, double-check that you copied the token correctly and that there are no extra spaces before or after it. Also, ensure that the token is not expired or revoked.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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