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How to Enable Enemy Voice Chat on a Counter-Strike 2 Server

Guide: How to Enable Enemy Voice Chat on a Counter-Strike 2 Server

Discover how to activate enemy voice chat for enhanced communication and strategy in your CS2 matches!

Prepare for Voice Chat Activation:
- Determine if enabling enemy voice chat aligns with your server's gameplay goals. Consider the impact on gameplay dynamics and player experience.

Access Your CS2 Server Files:
- Utilize your server control panel's Files tab or an FTP client like FileZilla or Winscp to access server files.
- Navigate to the game/csgo/cfg directory.

Locate the Configuration File:
- Within the server files directory, identify or create the configuration file housing server settings, named server.cfg.

Enable Enemy Voice Chat:
- Open the configuration file using a text editor. Add or edit the appropriate command to allow enemy voice chat functionality. This could involve adjusting settings related to communication permissions or team restrictions.

sv_alltalk "true"
sv_full_alltalk "true"
sv_deadtalk "true"

CS2 server voice chat configuration

Save Changes and Restart the CS2 Server:
- Save modifications, return to your server control panel, and initiate a server restart to apply changes. Ensure the server has adequate time to reboot fully.

Verify Enemy Voice Chat Activation:
- Launch CS2 and connect to your server to confirm enemy voice chat functionality. Test communication with opponents to ensure proper activation. Verification can also be done by checking in-game settings or through player feedback.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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