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How to Change Server Tags in Your Counter Strike 2 Server

Guide: How to Change Server Tags in Your Counter Strike 2 Server

Dive into the simple process of modifying your CS2 server tags for a personalized touch. Elevate your gaming experience effortlessly!

Prepare for Tags Modification:
- Before altering CS2 server tags, decide on the new tags representing your server's characteristics. Ensure they accurately reflect your server's features.

Access Your CS2 Server Files:
- Navigate to the Files tab within your server control panel or use an FTP client such as FileZilla or Winscp to access your server files.
- Find the game/csgo/cfg directory.

Locate the Configuration File:
- In the server files directory, find or create the configuration file holding server information, named server.cfg.

Modify Tags:
- Open the configuration file with a text editor. Add or edit the line: sv_tags "TAG1, TAG2, TAG3, TAGN".

Tags server.cfg example for CS2 server

Save Changes and Restart the CS2 Server:
- Save your changes, return to your server control panel and restart your CS2 server. Allow the server sufficient time to initiate fully.

Verify Tags:
- Launch CS2 and connect to your server to ensure tags are active. Use console commands like sv_tags or the server list for confirmation.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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