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Optimizing spigot.yml

This article pertains exclusively to servers operating on Minecraft Java Edition and relies on Spigot or Paper for functionality.

If you operate a Spigot server, there are several options available to optimize its performance. This guide will outline the settings provided by Spigot that you can utilize to enhance your server's efficiency.

Below is a list of configurations from spigot.yml and their suggested values for achieving optimal performance, ordered from the most impactful to the least impactful on server performance.

1. entity-activation-range

This settings modifies the proximity required for mobs and other entities to activate their AI. The numerical values represent the distance in blocks at which entities will be deactivated. Reactivation occurs when a player approaches within range.

animals: 16
monsters: 24
raiders: 48
misc: 8

2. merge-radius

By increasing the merge radius, items and experience will clump together more often, reducing the number of items on the ground ticking. If the numbers are too high, it can cause issues where items will be teleported through blocks and sometimes into dangerous places (like lava).

item: 4.0
exp: 6.0

3. mob-spawn-range

You have the option to fine-tune the distance, measured in chunks, from a player at which mobs will spawn. This adjustment can assist in ensuring that fewer mobs are active in regions inaccessible to players. It's advisable to maintain this value lower than the view-distance setting to ensure mobs spawn within players' view.

Default: 8
Optimized: 6

4. arrow-despawn-rate

This adjustment will accelerate the despawning of arrows fired by players in survival mode, measured in ticks, thereby reducing the number of active entities requiring updates. The suggested value of 300 ticks equates to approximately 15 seconds.

Default: 1200
Options: 300

5. item-despawn-rate

This configuration will result in items dropped on the ground despawning after a specified number of ticks. Exercise caution not to set this value too low, as it may lead to players losing valuable items. The recommended 4000 ticks equate to approximately 3.3 minutes.

Default: 6000
Options: 4000

6. tick-inactive-villagers

Upon the release of version 1.14, new Villager mechanics were introduced which could potentially cause significant lag on a server if left unoptimized. Setting this parameter to false will prevent Villagers outside of the activation range (referenced above) from being processed.

Default: true
Optimized: false

Learn further about optimizing your Bukkit configuration by delving into our guide focused on enhancing Bukkit's bukkit.yml settings.

Updated on: 10/03/2024

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