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Plugins are a fantastic way to customize a Minecraft server, allowing you to shape the server's theme and add various features such as minigames, survival modes, server management tools, and more. With a vast selection of over 50,000 plugins available on platforms like Spigot, choosing the right plugins can be a daunting task. To help simplify the process, we have compiled a list of our top recommended plugins.

Free plugins

EssentialsX: A comprehensive set of essential plugins that adds basic functionalities such as commands, teleportation, economy, and permissions.

WorldEdit: A powerful world editing plugin that allows players to quickly create, edit, and modify structures and terrain.

Vault: An API library that enables easy integration and management of various economy and permission systems.

LuckPerms: A flexible permissions system that allows for complex administration of player rights and access.

FAWE: One of the most popular plugins, Worldedit, but with speed, optimization, and ease of use in mind. This plugin will boost not only the normal aspects of WorldEdit but will boost the performance of plugins that usually depend on WorldEdit.

Dynmap: Imagine being able to view your entire world from a website. Well, this is exactly what Dynmap does. With Dynmap, you can display the servers full world into an online web browser, allowing you to view different terrains, where players are located, and much more.

ViaVersion: Want your server to have support for all of the newest versions of Minecraft without having to upgrade it on the servers end? Viaversion is just the way to do this! This awesome plugin will allow players to join your server on multiple different Minecraft versions.

SkinsRestorer: A great plugin for offline servers. When setting a server to offline mode, skins are removed. However, with Skinrestorer the players skins will be readded along with the ability to change a players skin using a single command.

Paid Plugins

McMMO: One of the oldest plugins around, McMMO is a common plugin for survival servers adding all sorts of enchancements to the base game such as new skills.

LiteBans: The perfect ban management plugin is here! Litebans will allow servers to ban players through their IP, UUID, and name. On top of that, it allows the ban and kick screen to be customized, chats to be toggled, and lockdown on the server to be enabled.

ShopGUI+: One of the most important parts of a Minecraft server is the economy. For a successful server economy, a shop will be needed. ShopGUI+ is the perfect way to create a shop as it does not require building a structure in-game with signs. With this plugin, you can easily create and use a GUI shop.

Spartan Anti-Cheat: With security being one of the most important parts of a Minecraft server, having an anticheat plugin is key. Spartan AntiCheat is the perfect anti-cheat plugin for any medium-sized server. It includes false positive detection, performance optimizer, monodirectional targeting, and so much more!

DeluxeChat: A great way to format the servers chat! DeluxeChat offers an easy to use formatting system to add tooltip messages, custom chat colors, and much more.

While the provided list includes a few excellent plugins recommended for your server, it barely scratches the surface. With over 50,000 plugins available, there is an extensive variety of plugins that can be found for a Minecraft server. It's important to note that when downloading a plugin, it's crucial to check for any dependencies or compatibility requirements.

Updated on: 18/02/2024

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