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Optimizing bukkit.yml

Please be advised that the content of this document pertains exclusively to Minecraft Java Edition servers and relies on Spigot or Paper for functionality.

This guide will show you the settings offered by Bukkit that you can take advantage of to optimize your server’s performance.

1. spawn-limits

Feel free to customize these settings to regulate the quantity of mobs appearing per player in your world. Explore the "mob-spawn-range" parameter in spigot.yml (if available) to bring mobs nearer to players when reducing these values.

animals: 8
monsters: 50
water-animals: 3
ambient: 1

2. chunk-gc -> period-in-ticks

Lowering this value will expedite the unloading of empty chunks on your server, thereby allocating more resources to chunks where players are actively present.

Default: 600
Optimized: 400

3. ticks-per -> monster-spawns

Rather than attempting to spawn mobs every tick, you can instruct the server to spawn mobs less frequently by adjusting this value upwards. It's advisable not to exceed 4 unless mob spawning significantly impacts server performance.

Default: 1
Optimized: 4

If you’re running a Paper server, you can further optimize your server with even more options.

Updated on: 18/02/2024

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