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How Much RAM Do I Need for my Modded Minecraft Server?

Guide: How Much RAM Do I Need for My Modded Minecraft Server?

Choosing the right amount of RAM for your modded Minecraft server can be challenging due to the variety of mods and modpacks available. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the appropriate RAM allocation:

Understand Mod Types:
- Modded Minecraft (Forge) vs. Modded Minecraft (Fabric):
- Both platforms offer different mod types. Ensure you know which one you're using.

RAM Recommendations:
- Mod developers often provide recommended RAM amounts for their modpacks. Refer to these recommendations as a baseline.

Player Count and Map Size:
- More players and larger maps require more RAM. Adjust your RAM allocation based on these factors.

Performance Considerations:
- More RAM doesn’t always equal better performance due to Minecraft's limitations.
- Identify and remove mods causing lag, especially those with complex terrain generation, advanced physics, or special AI.

Use Performance Profilers:
- Tools like Spark can help identify performance issues. Use these before opting for a RAM upgrade.

Prerendering Chunks:
- Pre-rendering chunks can improve performance but is time-consuming and should match the world border size.

Memory Usage by Common Modpacks:
- Light Modpacks (e.g., FTB Lite): 2-3 GB RAM
- Medium Modpacks (e.g., All the Mods 6): 4-6 GB RAM
- Heavy Modpacks (e.g., RLCraft, SkyFactory 4): 6-8+ GB RAM

Monitoring and Adjusting RAM:
- Regularly monitor your server's RAM usage. Adjust the allocation if you notice performance issues or if you add/remove mods.

Server Hosting Options:
- Consider using a hosting service that allows easy RAM adjustments. This can be more cost-effective and convenient as your server's needs change.

Optimizing Server Performance:
- Allocate enough RAM for smooth performance but avoid over-allocating. Optimize by disabling unused mods and plugins.
- Regularly back up your server to prevent data loss and ensure smooth recovery.

Checking Resource Usage:
- Monitor CPU and RAM usage to ensure balanced performance. Tools like Aikar’s Flags can help optimize JVM arguments for better memory management.

Player Guidelines:
- Modded Minecraft (Forge):
3-6 players -> 4 GB RAM
7-12 players -> 6 GB RAM
3+ players -> 8+ GB RAM
- Modded Minecraft (Fabric):
4-8 players -> 4 GB RAM
9-15 players -> 6 GB RAM
16+ players -> 8+ GB RAM

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Updated on: 15/06/2024

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