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How to Install & Configure Dynmap on Your Minecraft Server

Guide: How to Install & Configure Dynmap on Your Minecraft Server

Dynmap is a powerful plugin for Minecraft servers that provides an interactive map of your world accessible via a web browser. Follow these steps to install Dynmap and enhance your Minecraft server experience:

Access Your Server Control Panel:
- Open your web browser and navigate to the GamePanel

Stop Your Minecraft Server:
- Before installing any plugins, it's essential to stop your Minecraft server to prevent any conflicts or issues during the installation process. Locate the Stop button within your server control panel. Wait for the server to shut down properly.

Download Dynmap:
- Visit the official Dynmap plugin page on a trusted Minecraft plugin repository or website. Look for the latest version compatible with your Minecraft server version. Download the plugin file (usually a .jar file) to your computer.


Access Your Server Files:
- Navigate to the Files tab within your server control panel or utilize an FTP client like FileZilla or Winscp to access your server files.

Upload Dynmap Plugin:
- Once you have access to your server files, locate the plugins folder. This is where you'll upload the Dynmap plugin file. Drag and drop the downloaded Dynmap .jar file into the plugins folder.

Start Your Minecraft Server:
- After uploading the Dynmap plugin, navigate back to your server control panel and start your Minecraft server. Wait for the server to fully start up.

Configure Dynmap Settings (Optional):
- Once your server is running with Dynmap installed, you can configure various settings to customize the map display. This includes adjusting map render settings, enabling player markers, and more. Refer to the Dynmap documentation for detailed configuration options.

TIP: Please be aware that Dynmap produces images for every chunk, potentially taking up significant space in your server's storage.
In the "configuration.txt" file, locate the line which has deftemplatesuffix. Adjust it to either deftemplatesuffix: vlowres or deftemplatesuffix: lowres.

Access Dynmap Web Interface:
- With Dynmap installed and configured, you can access the interactive map through a web browser. Simply enter your server's IP address followed by the Dynmap port (default is 8123) in the browser's address bar. For example, http://your-server-ip:8123.

Kindly initiate a Support Ticket and request the addition of this port to your server. By default, it is not allocated.

Explore Your Minecraft World:
- Congratulations! You now have Dynmap installed on your Minecraft server. Explore your world in real-time using the interactive map, view player locations, and even toggle different map layers for additional information.

Additional Resources:
- For more advanced features and troubleshooting tips, refer to the official Dynmap documentation and community forums.

That's it! You've successfully installed Dynmap on your Minecraft server, allowing you and your players to explore your world in a whole new way.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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