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How to Install & Configure Votifier on Your Minecraft Server

Guide: How to Install & Configure Votifier on Your Minecraft Server

Enhance your Minecraft server experience by enabling Votifier, a plugin that allows players to vote for your server on various Minecraft server lists. Follow these steps to install and configure Votifier:

Access Your Server Control Panel:
- Begin by opening your web browser and navigating to your server's control panel at GamePanel.

Stop Your Minecraft Server:
- Before proceeding with any plugin installation, ensure your Minecraft server is stopped to prevent any potential conflicts. Locate and click the Stop button within your server control panel. Wait for the server to shut down properly.

Download Votifier:
- Visit a trusted Minecraft plugin repository or website to download the Votifier plugin. Ensure you select the version compatible with your Minecraft server.
- Bukkit: Votifier
- Spigot: Votifier

Access Your Server Files:
- Navigate to the Files tab within your server control panel or utilize an FTP client like FileZilla or Winscp to access your server files.

Upload Votifier Plugin:
- Once in your server files, locate the plugins folder. Upload the downloaded Votifier plugin file (usually a .jar file) into this folder.

Start Your Minecraft Server:
- Return to your server control panel and start your Minecraft server. Allow it to fully start up before proceeding.

Configure Votifier Settings (Optional):
- With Votifier installed, you may want to customize its settings. This can include configuring vote listener ports and setting up rewards for players who vote. Refer to the Votifier documentation for detailed configuration options.

Verify Vote Listener Ports:
- Ensure that the ports required by Votifier are open and accessible. By default, Votifier uses port 8192.

Kindly initiate a Support Ticket and request the addition of this port to your server. By default, it is not allocated.

Encourage Players to Vote:
- Inform your players about the voting system and encourage them to vote for your server on various server lists. This helps increase visibility and attract more players to your community.

Monitor Voting Activity:
- Regularly check the voting activity on your server to ensure Votifier is functioning correctly and to track player engagement.

That's it! You've successfully installed and configured Votifier on your Minecraft server, allowing players to vote and support your server's growth.

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Updated on: 22/05/2024

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